Sara Nicomedi

Through this project I want to create a scenario of what our society could be in the future.

I do this by bringing together photos that I have taken throughout the years, fragments of our present, moments of daily life.

Extinction is my vision of the future by looking at the present and the voice of my fears.

The aim of this body of work is to show a powerful message, to encourage us to look inside ourselves and to wonder what is really important.

We possess everything, too much.

Time flies, we overwork, we consume to comfort ourselves.

The more we work, the more we consume; the more we consume, the more we have to work.

Human relationships should be the moving force of everything and of our happiness – but we are more and more alone.

Nature – which should be our partner – is responding to our provocations.

The border that divides us from loneliness, isolation, poor soul and maybe extinction is closer than what we expect.

‘Extinction’ constitutes a warning not to cross it.

Extinction is an ongoing and a long term project.

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