Mariano Silletti

The inexorable passing of the existence is not only found in the profound furrows of their wrinkles. It is not only evidenced by their slow pace but everything in the house bears witness to the long pathway pursued together. All the phases reached and stored in their lives one by one. The long journey which is being observed, refers to its last phase. A journey made up of sorrows, success, joys, memories, discouragement, happiness, excitement and love. It is the story of two human beings and part of the story, which is archaic and infinite has taken place in their house, which has been the stage of their house, which has been the stage of their moving interpretation. Their home, the house, where side by side, they have observed the calm transition of the waves of time. The mirrors, the jewels, the places, the objects, the movements and some photos have made me think of a rendez-vous between two people who have lived their life in this way and in this house until now. An old couple who we imagine towards the last phase of their lives and who still have the immortal elements which characterizes then: love, the care for one another, taking care of each other’s appearance, living together as if each day means renewing their appointment.

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